Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pandora's Gun by James Van Pelt

Van Pelt, one of the finest short story writers of our time has written a YA novel. It has a kind of sweet old timey feel to it. A boy, who likes scavenging in a rural dumping spot, finds a bag with a strangely molded gun shaped device inside. Along with his former best friend and the girl next door, he explores what this "gun" can do. Meanwhile, strangers come to town, some claiming to be FBI and  conducting an investigation at the high school.

I will admit I am somewhat biased as I hold a special fondness for Colorado authors, especially those on the Western Slope but I really did enjoy this short novel that asks lots of wonderful "what if" questions in the traditions of classic science fiction. It will be out in August, published by Fairwood Press and is currently available for preorders. Teen Bistro Book Club members will get a shot at the ARC tomorrow at 3:30.