Speculative Fiction

 Now all I have to do is link these books I've read in the last few years with my reviews.

This page is for fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and horror books I've liked enough to write about.

Abel, Jessica
Life Sucks
Aguirre, AnnBlue Diablo paranormal, fantasy, & romance rolled up in a mystery.
Aguirre, AnnEnclave
de Alcantara, Pedro Backtracked
Anderson, R.J. Ultraviolet
Anthony, Joelle Restoring Harmony
Archer, JenniferThrough Her Eyes
Ash, SarahFlight into Darkness
Asher, JayThe Future of Us
Austen, CatherineAll Good Children
Bacigalupi, PaoloThe Windup Girl
Bardugo, LeighShadow and Bone
Barnes, JohnLosers in Space
Barraclough, LindseyLong Lankin
Bartlett, GerryReal Vampires Don't Wear Size Six
Bear, GregEon
Bedford, MartynFlip
Bell, HilariTraitor's Son
Bell, HilariTrickster's Girl
Bernobich, BethFox and Phoenix
Bertagna, JulieExodus
Bick, Ilsa J.   Ashes
Bickle, LauraThe Hallowed Ones
Billingsley, FrannyChime
Bishop, TobyAirs Beneath the Moon
Black, HollyKin
Black, HollyRed Glove
Black, HollyWelcome to Bordertown
Blair, AnnetteNaked Dragon
Blake, KendareAnna Dressed in Blood
Bledsoe, AlexThe Hum and the Shiver
Bracken, AlexandraThe Darkest Minds
Brandon, PaulaThe Traitor's Daughter
Bray, LibbaGoing Bovine
Bray, LibbaThe Diviners
Brennan, MarieA Natural History of Dragons
Brennan, Sarah ReesUnspoken
Brewer, HeatherEighth Grade Bites
Brewer, HeatherFirst Kill
Brewer, HeatherSoulbound
Briggs, PatriciaBone Crossed
Brooks, KeviniBoy
Bruchac, JosephDragon Castle
Bruchac, JosephWolf Mark
Buckell, Tobias S.   Diverse Energies
Buckell, Tobias S.   Sly Mongoose
Bujold, Lois McMasterCaptain Vorpatril's Alliance
Bujold, Lois McMasterCryoBurn
Bujold, Lois McMasterDiplomatic Immunity
Bull, EmmaTerritory
Bullen, AlexandraWish
Bunce, Elizabeth C.   Liar's Moon

Cabot, MegAirhead
Callihan, KristenWinterblaze
Cameron, SharonThe Dark Unwinding
Campbell, ChelseaThe Rise of Renegade X
Card, Orson ScottEarth Unaware
Card, Orson ScottHidden Empire
Card, Orson ScottPathfinder
Cargill, C. RobertDreams and Shadows
Carson, RaeThe Crown of Embers
Carson, RaeThe Girl of Fire and Thorns
Cashore, KristinFire
Cashore, KristinGraceling
Chase, AshlynFlirting Under a Full Moon
Clayton, EmmaThe Roar
Clement-Moore, RosemaryTexas Gothic
Clines, Peter14
Collins, SuzanneCatching Fire
Collins, SuzanneMockingjay
Collins, SuzanneThe Hunger Games
Connolly, TinaIronskin
Cross, JulieTempest
Cross, KadyThe Girl in the Steel Corset
Cross, SarahKill Me Softly
Crow, Lili St.   Strange Angels
Cusick, John M.   Girl Parts
Cypess, LeahMistwood
Cypess, LeahNightspell

Daley, Michael J.   Rat Trap
Damico, GinaCroak
Damico, GinaScorch
Dark, JulietThe Demon Lover
Dashner, JamesThe Maze Runner
Davidson, JennyThe Explosionist
Davidson, MaryJaniceUndead and Unfinished
Denman, K.L.   Shade
Derting, KimberlyThe Pledge
Despain, BreeThe Dark Divine
Desrochers, LisaPersonal Demons
DeStefano, LaurenWither
Diepen, Allison vanThe Vampire Stalker
Dixon, HeatherEntwined
Doctorow, CoryHomeland
Doctorow, CoryLittle Brother
Doctorow, CoryPirate Cinema
Dodd, ChristinaChains of Fire
Duey, KathleenSacred Scars
Duey, KathleenSkin Hunger
Dunkle, Clare B.   The Sky Inside

Elrod, P.N.   Hex Appeal

Fagan, DevaCircus Galacticus
Fahy, ThomasThe Unspoken
Falkner, BrianBrain Jack
Fallon, JenniferThe Gods of Amyrantha
Falls, KatDark Life
Falls, KatRip Tide
Fama, ElizabethMonstrous Beauty
Ferris, JeanTwice Upon a Marigold
Fforde, JasperOne of Our Thursdays Is Missing
Ficklin, Sherry D.   Foresight
Finn, DanielShe Thief
Fisher, CatherineThe Dark City
Fleming, CandaceOn the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave
Flinn, AlexA Kiss in Time
Flinn, AlexBewitching
Fox, CalebZadayi Red
Francis, Diana PharaohBitter Night
Fraustino, Lisa RoweThe Hole in the Wall
Freer, DaveCuttlefish
Frost, MarkThe Paladin Prophecy
Fukuda, AndrewThe Hunt
Fukui, IsamuTruancy

Gagnon, MichelleDon't Turn Around
Gaiman, NeilThe Graveyard Book
Gay, KellyThe Better Part of Darkness
George, Jessica DayDragon Flight
George, Jessica DaySun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Ghislain, GaryHow I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend
Gier, KerstinRuby Red
Gill, David MacinnisBlack Hole Sun
Gill, David MacinnisInvisible Sun
Gill, David MacinnisSoul Enchilada
Goodman, AlisonEona
Gordon, AmyShadow-Collector's Apprentice
Graham, HeatherPhantom Evil
Graham, JoBlack Ships
Grant, MichaelEve and Adam
Grant, MichaelGone
Grant, MichaelHunger
Grant, MiraFeed
Graves, SamanthaOut of Time
Gray, R. GarlandRedemption
Green, Simon R.   Ghost Of A Chance
Griffin, BethanyMasque of the Red Death
Guibord, MaurissaWarped

Haarsma, P.J.   The Softwire: Awakening on Orbis 4
Hamilton, TimFahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaptation
Harper, RoryPetrogypsies
Harrison, KimOnce Dead, Twice Shy
Harrison, Mette IvieTris & Izzie
Harrison, TheaDragon Bound
Hartman, RachelSeraphina
Harvey, AlyxandraHaunting Violet
Harvey, AlyxandraStolen Away
Healey, KarenGuardian of the Dead
Heller, PeterThe Dog Stars
Herbert, BrianSisterhood of Dune
Hines, Jim C.   The Stepsister Scheme
Hodkin, MichelleThe Evolution of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, MichelleThe Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hooper, MaryThe Haunting of Julia
Hoover, P.J.   Solstice
Hubbard, L. RonBeyond all Weapons
Huff, TanyaThe Wild Ways
Humphreys, SaraUndone
Husk, ShonaKiss of the Goblin Prince
Huston, CharlieAlready Dead

Jerome, CeliaTrolls in the Hamptons
Jinks, CatherineThe Reformed Vampire Support Group
Johansen, K.V.   The Shadow Road
Johnson, ChristineClaire de Lune
Johnson, MaureenThe Name of the Star
Jolley, DanMy Boyfriend Bites
Jones, CarrieNeed
Jones, PatrickCassandra's Turn

Kagawa, JulieThe Immortal Rules
Kagawa, JulieThe Iron King
Kasai, Kirsten ImaniIce Song
Kaye, MarilynDemon Chick
Kaye, MarilynHere Today, Gone Tomorrow
Kaye, MarilynOut of Sight, Out of Mind
Kearsley, SusannaThe Firebird
Kenin, EveHidden
Kennedy, KathryneThe Fire Lord's Lover
Kennedy, KathryneThe Lady of the Storm
Kennedy, KathryneThe Lord of Illusion
Kenyon, SherrilynThe Dark-Hunters, Vol. 1
Khoury, JessicaOrigin
Kincy, KarenOther
King, A.S.   The Dust of 100 Dogs
Kittredge, CaitlinThe Iron Thorn
Kizer, AmberMeridian
Knudsen, ShannonGiants, Trolls, and Ogres
Koch, GiniTouched by an Alien
Koertge, RonLies, Knives, and Girls in Red Dresses
Kontis, AletheaEnchanted
Koontz, DeanOdd Thomas
Kraus, DanielRotters
Kress, NancyFlash Point
Krokos, DanFalse Memory

Lackey, MercedesDead Reckoning
LaFevers, RobinGrave Mercy
Lagos, AlexanderThe Sons of Liberty #1
Lanagan, MargoThe Brides of Rollrock Island
Lancaster, Mike A.   Human.4
Larbalestier, JustineHow to Ditch Your Fairy
Lawrence, TheoMystic City
Lemke, Donald B.   Drop in: Volume One
Lepore, JacquelineDescent into Dust
Levine, Gail CarsonFairest
Link, KellySteampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories
Littlefield, SophieHanging by a Thread
Lloyd, SaciThe Carbon Diaries 2015
Lo, MalindaHuntress
Lore, PittacusI Am Number Four
Lubar, DavidFlip
Lubar, DavidHyde and Shriek: A Monsterrific Tale
Lubar, DavidMy Rotten Life

Maas, Sarah J.   Throne of Glass
MacAlister, KatieLove in the Time of Dragons
Maddox, MichelleCountdown
Mahy, MargaretMaddigan's Fantasia
Marchetta, MelinaFroi of the Exiles
Mariz, RaeThe Unidentified
Marks, DanielVelveteen
Marr, MelissaDarkest Mercy
McBride, LishHold Me Closer, Necromancer
McCafferty, MeganBumped
McCall, Guadalupe GarciaSummer of the Mariposas
McDonald, IanPlanesrunner
McEntire, K.D.   Lightbringer
McLaughlin, LaurenCycler
McMann, LisaCryer's Cross
McMann, LisaWake
McNeil, GretchenTen
McQuerry, Maureen DoyleThe Peculiars
Mead, RichelleFrostbite
Meyer, MarissaCinder
Meyer, MarissaGlitches
Meyer, StephenieThe Host
Mieville, ChinaRailsea
Milford, KateThe Boneshaker
Millar, MartinCurse of the Wolf Girl
Miller, KirstenInside the Shadow City
Mitchell, SaundraThe Springsweet
Moore, ChristopherFluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
Moore, JohnA Fate Worse Than Dragons
Moore, JohnThe Unhandsome Prince
Morgan, Richard K.   Thirteen
Mull, BrandonA World Without Heroes
Mullin, MikeAshfall
Murdock, Catherine GilbertWisdom's Kiss
Murphy, C.E.   The Pretender's Crown
Myers, E.C.   Fair Coin
Myers, Walter DeanAmiri & Odette: A Love Story

Ness, PatrickThe Knife of Never Letting Go
Niven, LarryA World Out of Time
Nix, GarthA Confusion of Princes
Noyes, DeborahThe Ghosts of Kerfol

O'Connor, GeorgePoseidon: Earth Shaker
O'Neal, EilisThe False Princess
Okorafor, NnediAkata Witch
Oliver, JanaForetold
Oliver, JanaForgiven
Oliver, JanaSoul Thief
Oliver, JanaThe Demon Trapper's Daughter: A Demon Trappers Novel
Oliver, LaurenDelirium
Oliver, LinSound Bender
Omololu, C.J.   Transcendence
Oppel, KennethThis Dark Endeavor
Owens, Robin D.   Heart Change

Patneaude, DavidEpitaph Road
Pauley, KimberlyCat Girl's Day Off
Pauley, KimberlySucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire
Pelt, James VanThe Radio Magician & Other Stories
Peters, Stephanie TrueGraphic Spin: Rapunzel: The Graphic Novel
Pfeffer, Susan BethThe Dead and the Gone
Pfeffer, Susan BethThis World We Live In
Plum-Ucci, CarolStreams of Babel
Poznanski, UrsulaErebos
Pratchett, TerryI Shall Wear Midnight
Price, LissaStarters
Priest, CherieBoneshaker
Putney, Mary JoDark Mirror

Quidt, Jeremy De.  The Toymaker

Redwine, C.J.   Defiance
Reed, KitSon of Destruction
Rees, DouglasMajix: Notes from a Serious Teen Witch
Rees, DouglasThe Juliet Spell
Rees, DouglasVampire High
Rees, DouglasVampire High: Sophomore Year
Reeve, PhilipA Web of Air
Reger, RobThe Lost Days
Resnick, LauraDoppelgangster
Revis, BethAcross the Universe
Rex, AdamThe True Meaning of Smekday
Riggs, RansomMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Robson, CecySealed with a Curse
Rodda, EmilyThe Key to Rondo
Rosen, Lev A.C.   All Men of Genius
Rosoff, MegThere Is No Dog
Rossi, VeronicaUnder the Never Sky
Roth, VeronicaDivergent
Roth, VeronicaInsurgent
Rothfuss, PatrickThe Name of the Wind
Rowe, StephanieKiss at Your Own Risk
Rowen, MichelleThat Old Black Magic
Rusch, Kristine KathrynConsequences
Rusch, Kristine KathrynExtremes
Rusch, Kristine KathrynThe Disappeared
Ryan, Amy KathleenGlow

Salvatore, R.A.   The Stowaway
Sanderson, BrandonAlcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones
Sanderson, BrandonMistborn: The Final Empire
Sanderson, BrandonThe Alloy of Law
Sanderson, BrandonThe Rithmatist
Sandler, KarenTankborn
Sawyer, Robert J.   Factoring Humanity
Sawyer, Robert J.   Rollback
Sawyer, Robert J.   WWW: Wake
Sawyer, Robert J.   WWW: Watch
Sawyer, Robert J.   WWW: Wonder
Scalzi, JohnFuzzy Nation
Scalzi, JohnThe Last Colony
Scalzi, JohnZoe's Tale
Schmidt, Gary D.   Straw Into Gold
Schmidt, Gary D.   What Came from the Stars
Schroeder, LisaI Heart You, You Haunt Me
Scott, InaraThe Candidates
Sedgwick, MarcusWhite Crow
Sheehan, AnnaA Long, Long Sleep
Shepherd, JoelSasha
Shepherd, MikeMutineer
Showalter, GenaIntertwined
Shusterman, NealBruiser
Simmons, MichaelAlien Feast
Simner, Janni LeeBones of Faerie
Singleton, Linda JoyDead Girl Dancing
Singleton, Linda JoyDead Girl Walking
Slade, ArthurThe Hunchback Assignments
Smibert, AngieMemento Nora
Smibert, AngieThe Forgetting Curve
Smith, Alexander GordonSolitary
Smith, Cynthia Leitich.  Eternal
Smith, Greg LeitichChronal Engine: A Prehistoric Time-Travel Adventure
Snow, CarolSwitch
Spotswood, JessicaBorn Wicked
Stemple, AdamSteward of Song
Stephenson, NealAnathem
Stiefvater, MaggieLament: The Faerie Queen's Deception
Stiefvater, MaggieShiver
Stiefvater, MaggieThe Scorpio Races
Strahan, JonathanUnder My Hat
Strauss, VictoriaPassion Blue
Summers, CourtneyThis is Not a Test

Taylor, LainiDaughter of Smoke & Bone
Taylor, LainiLips Touch: Three Times
Taylor, Travis S.   One Day on Mars
Testa, DomThe Comet's Curse
Thompson, KateThe Last of the High Kings
Thompson, Vicki LewisA Werewolf in Manhattan
Treggiari, JoAshes, Ashes

Van Name, Mark L.  One Jump Ahead
VanderMeer, JeffFinch
Vaughn, CarrieDiscord's Apple
Vaughn, CarrieKitty Rocks the House
Vaughn, CarrieKitty's Big Trouble
Vincent, RachelMy Soul to Take
Vonnegut, KurtSlaughterhouse-Five

Walton, JoAmong Others
Ward, RachelNumbers
Ward, RachelThe Chaos
Wasserman, RobinSkinned
Waters, DanielGeneration Dead
Weaver, WillThe Survivors
Weber, DavidA Beautiful Friendship
Weisman, JordanCathy's Key: If Found 650-266-8202
Wellington, DavidFrostbite
Wells, Dan.  Partials
Wells, RobisonVariant
Werlin, NancyImpossible
Westerfeld, ScottLeviathan
Westerfeld, ScottSo Yesterday
Weyn, SuzanneThe Bar Code Prophecy
Weyn, SuzanneThe Invisible World
Whitcomb, LauraThe Fetch
White, AndreaWindows on the World
White, T.H.   The Once and Future King
Whitley, JeremyPrinceless Book One: Save Yourself
Wiggins, BethanyShifting
Willingham, BillDown the Mysterly River
Willingham, BillFables: Peter and Max
Willis, ConnieAll Clear
Willis, ConnieBellwether
Wilson, Robert CharlesMysterium
Wilson, Robert CharlesSpin
Wisdom, LindaA Demon Does It Better
Wollman, JessicaSecond Skin
Wood, Jamie MartinezRogelia's House of Magic
Wooding, ChrisMalice
Woon, YvonneDead Beautiful
Wrede, Patricia C.   Across the Great Barrier

Yansky, BrianAlien Invasion and Other Inconveniences
Ylvisaker, AnneThe Luck of the Buttons
Yolen, JaneCurses! Foiled Again
Young, MoiraBlood Red Road
Yovanoff, BrennaPaper Valentine
Yovanoff, BrennaThe Replacement
Yovanoff, BrennaThe Space Between

Zahn, TimothyDragon and Liberator
Zevin, GabrielleAll These Things I've Done 


Abel, Jessica
Life Sucks

OK. So I am not the biggest fan of Graphic Novels. I usually prefer to read text. It goes so much faster. It is like a big data dump and my brain instantly conjures up the images. With Graphic Novels I have to take it slowly. Each frame tells part of the story so must be carefully considered and can’t just be poured into the old brain. Part of this may be because I majored in Art as an undergraduate. That said there are some graphic novels that I love. My favorite of all time is The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryon Talbot so I don’t dislike Graphic Novels. After having two different teens tell me about Life Sucks and how great it was I just had to try it and they were right. It is terrific. I’m a little tired of vampires but this was a fresh story and the art really worked for me. I liked Dave who looks like a ordinary convenience store clerk but is actually a vegetarian vampire who must obey his master and turn the hot dogs, rotate the stock, and do whatever his master tells him. He has a crush on Rosa, a goth girl customer who would like to meet a real vampire, one of those sexy mysterious beings. Dave also has a friend, Jerome, he hangs out with who is a vamp who works in a neighboring store which really brings the movie Clerks to mind. Dave’s nemesis is a surfer vamp who goes after Rosa.

Aguirre, Ann.  
I've loved Aguirre's adult sf and paranormal books so I figured I'd give this a try. Not everyone can write great YA but Aguirre's first foray into fiction for teens is a rousing success. This is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel  (I hate publishers using the term dystopian instead of science fiction. Teens love science fiction!) is a fast paced, adventurous pageturner that starts when a brat receives the cuts that show her new status as a huntress and allow her to be given a name. Deuce, whose two best friends one who has become a builder and the other a breeder, is teamed up with Fade who is unusual in that he had joined their enclave as a child and not been born into it. Deuce and Fade evade zombie-like monsters in the labyrinthine tunnels of their world as they go on a mission to a neighboring community that they find exterminated. Things go from bad to worse when they return home and soon Deuce discovers things she really didn't want to know about her people. Readers who liked Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, Escape from Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith, Divergent by Veronica Roth, or The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins will find much to enjoy here.

Anderson, R.J.
Orchard 9781408312759
When Alison awakes in a mental hospital she discovers she has lost more than two weeks of time and memories of what really happened when she had an altercation with the town's golden girl after school one day. Anderson brings together so many themes that have been popular in YA fiction, mental institutions, missing teens, synesthesia, and more but makes them fresh and different with a science fiction twist.
Alison has always felt like a freak because her mother flipped out when as a young child, Alison exclaimed over the gold stars that appeared when cutlery clanked together in the dishwater. Because of her mother's reaction Alison has hid the fact that she has synesthesia, even though she doesn't know that it has a name and that there are others who also experience senses in a similar way. Because she refuses to admit to her synesthesia and open up she makes little progress in the hospital until a researcher from South Africa who is studying synesthesia appears on the scene. As Alison discovers her perception is not an illness she realizes that she can also taste lies and smell fears.
It is very difficult to synopsize this extraordinary story but if you like out of the ordinary books you will want to read it. An interesting book to pair with it is Cecil Castellucci's First Day on Earth.

Anthony, Joelle
Restoring Harmony
Putnam Juvenile 9780399252815
In a dystopian near future, sixteen-year-old Molly is sent from the Canadian island farm where she lives a secure life with her family to Portland when they receive a message that her grandmother has suffered a stroke. Molly's mom, dealing with a high risk pregnancy, is afraid her mother has died and that her estranged father will be unable to take care of himself so Molly is sent on an epic journey to bring her grandfather back. When she arrives in the once affluent suburb where the grandparents she has never met live, she discovers they are both still alive but close to starving. Her trip that was to have lasted a couple weeks stretches into months as she pitches in to help with a neighbor's garden and his orphaned nephew and niece while she tries to convince her grandparents to go to Canada with her. A boy she met on the train on her trip down has access to things most people don't and seems to have ties to organized crime.

Archer, Jennifer
Through Her Eyes
HarperTeen 9780061834585
Tansy, a fifteen-year-old photographer, is not happy to move to a small Texas town with her mother, a popular horror writer, and her beloved grandfather who is gradually slippy away. Her mother likes to be on location to write her books and after finding a photo of a strange looking house in the grandfather's stuff they move into that house; a house where decades ago a teenage boy lived who had committed suicide in a plunge of the bridge over the canyon. Strange things happen when Tansy finds a wooden box under a step in a cellar that holds a pendant, a watch, and a journal full of poetry. When she looks through the viewfinder on her camera she seems to be seeing into a different time; a time when her grandfather was a teen and a friend to Henry, the boy of the suicide legend. Not fitting in at school, Tansy is befriended by the precocious Bethyl who has skipped a couple of grades and finds herself curiously drawn to Tate, the quarterback who bears a startling resemblance to Henry. Is she really seeing into the past, seeing ghosts, or going mad?

Ash, Sarah
Flight into Darkness
Spectra 9780553805208
This complex fantasy is confusing, intricate, and not an easy read but ultimately rewarding.

Asher, Jay and Carolyn Mackler
The Future of Us
Razorbill 9781595144911
Two beloved authors collaborate in an entertaining and thought provoking look at some of the complications of knowing snippets of information from the future and seeing what huge differences minute changes in the now can have fifteen years down the road. When Emma receives a new computer from her far-away dad, her one time best friend Josh brings over an AOL disk. Signing in she discovers something on the computer called Facebook and puts in her AOL user name and password. Suddenly she is looking at the profile of some woman who must be in her 30s whose first name and middle name are the same as Emma's own first and last names. Then she realizes the woman has her same birthday and graduated from her same high school. Could she be seeing the future? If so, it sure isn't anything to look forward to. But Josh, his future is bright. Meanwhile life in the mid 1990s continues with all the excitement of relationship angst.
Adults will think it a stretch to call this historical fiction but most teens who will read this weren't alive at the time it takes place. Asher and Mackler have done a fantastic job of capturing the era with mentions of beepers, quarters for pay phones, and calling cards not to mention hairdos. A fun read.

Austen, Catherine
All Good Children
Orca Book Publishers 9781554698240
This dystopian novel is set not too awfully far in the future. The Connor family lives in Middletown, a safe gated town with good schools and health care. They had lived in a large upscale house until death of the dad moved them down the economic ladder to a small apartment. Fifteen-year-old Max, a prankster and artist, begins to see something is wrong when he walks his six-year-old sister to school and realized that many of the children are too neatly lined up and too well behaved. Max, his friends, and the other kids at his school are individuals but when a new behavioral program is instituted in his school he realized that it will turn the high school kids into what he and his friend Dallas call zombies. This chilling plausible story told in a low key way that makes it even more realistic.  The vision of schools is scarily reminiscent of  Isamu Fukui's Truancy series, Francine Prose's After, Rae Mariz's The Unidentified, and Ira Levin's The Stepford Wives.

de Alcantara, Pedro
Delacorte Books for Young Readers 9780385734196
Tommy Latrella, always living in the shadow of his brother who died a hero in 9/11 is swept back in time where he experiences New York in WWI and works on building the subway system, the Great Depression where he ends up working for the Mafia, and WWII where he becomes a paratrooper. I've had one teen reader who really liked it because the historical time periods came alive for her.  

Bacigalupi, Paolo
The Drowned Cities
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 9780316056243
Set in the same world as Ship Breaker but not a sequel, rather a stand alone is about survival in the US southeast after the waters have risen wreaking havoc. Mahalia and Mouse meet Tool who is a half-man, a genetically engineered monster designed to kill.
science-fiction, speculative-fiction, teen, BFYA

Bacigalupi, Paolo
The Windup Girl
Night Shade Books 9781597801577
Terrific craftsmanship in a grim literary novel set in a horribly hungry  future Very scary. would recommend to folks who like China Meiville and other very literary SF.
speculative-fiction, science-fiction

Bacigalupi, Paolo
Ship Breaker
Little Brown 9780316056212
I'm quoting myself here. This annotation is from my book, Teen Genreflecting 3. Libraries Unlimited. 2011.
Nailer, a teen living with his abusive father in a shack on the Gulf coast is part of a crew that lives off salvage redeemed from wrecked tankers. Climate change has increased the frequency of hurricanes and tornadoes. Nailer's job is to crawl through the ductwork of wrecks salvaging cooper wire and anything else that can be sold for food. He stakes each claim with a crew mark that matches the tattoo on his face. People who betray their crews are stripped of their crew tattoos leaving them scarred and outcast. After a hurricane he finds a wrecked clipper, a pleasure craft belonging to people of inconceivable wealth but aboard is one survivor still clinging to life. If she were dead, salvaging the ship would make his fortune.

Bardugo, Leigh
Shadow and Bone
Henry Holt and Co. 9780805094596
Alina and Mal were orphans together growing up in ducal orphanage. As teenagers they went into the army together and together they set out in an armada heading across the Unsea. Attacked by volcra in the pitch dark of the Fold (called the Unsea on map) Alina summons a force she did not know she possessed, saving Mal. Back in the Russian inspired country, Alina is found to be a Grisha, a class of people with special abilities and sent to a palace for training. Her talent is unique and may hold the key to end the war that has beleaguered their country for a century and eliminate the Fold. The twisty twining plot goes to unexpected places in this beautifully crafted world.
fantasy, teen,

Barnes, John
Losers in Space
Viking 9780670061563
I love SF/ Science Fiction/ Speculative Fiction. Even though space opera is my favorite sub genre, I also love hard SF and many other sub genres. I started off reading all the infodumps in the early part of the book and then, even though I usually like the scientific stuff I learn when reading hard SF, I gave up on them. The tone was just too condescending.I did think the characters did some boneheaded things when dealing with Derlock but if they hadn't there wouldn't have been so many disasters for them to overcome. The stuff with Fwuffy was brilliant and fun but his speech impediment was a little too much. All in all I can recommend this to readers who like hard SF but I don't think it is going to bring any new fans to the genre.
science-fiction, teen,

Bedford, Martyn
Wendy Lamb Books 9780385739900
One morning fourteen-year-old Alex Gray wakes up to a stranger exhorting him to get out of bed and discovers he is in the home, life, and body of Philip Garamond, an athletic popular fourteen-year-old living in a different part of Britain and that six months have totally disappeared from his memory. As he tries to puzzle out what has happened he discovers a web community of people who have experienced psychic evacuation. This fast paced page-turner has so much going for it -- a compelling premise, mystery, romance, and well developed characters it will snag both avid and reluctant teen readers.

Bell, Hilari
Trickster's Girl
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children 9780547196206
Grieving for her father who died from cancer, Kelsa is at odds with her mother who would not allow Kelsa's father to die at home. Kelsa and her father shared a love of the outdoors and wild areas so she sneaks out one night to bury her father's purloined ashes in a wooded area and meets Raven, a gorgeous but strange young man who starts turning up wherever she goes. He has unusual abilities including walking down a school corridor and unlocking every locker he passes. Is Raven a crazy stalker or is he the trickster of Native myth? Shapeshifters, ley lines, evil bikers, and the possible devastation of the world blend together in a magical North American wilderness quest set in a not too far off future. Bell's novels always take a strong stance on important issues and this compelling combination of myth, fantasy, and science fiction has a powerful but not didactic message.
science-fiction,  teen,

Bernobich, Beth
Fox and Phoenix
Viking 9780670012787
This uniquely original tale inspired by Chinese myth won't be out until October but it is well worth the wait. A terrific blend of magic and technology, adventure and romance, science fiction and fantasy. When his mother goes missing, Kai goes to investigate and ends up on a quest, at the behest of a ghost dragon, to find the princess who is studying in Phoenix City and let her know the king is dying. Yun, his fellow apprentice, best friend, and the girl upon whom he is crushing, follows and together they fight off assassins, make a perilous journey, lose their spirit companions, find an earnest young medical student, locate the princess, and uncover a dastardly plot
fantasy, romance, science-fiction, teen,

Bertagna, Julie
Walker  9780802797452 5
I did love Exodus. My teens are always begging for good science fiction and this post-apocalyptic tale of resourcefulness, bravery, and dogged determination will blow them away. The world building is first class from the storm scoured island of Wing to the floating refugee camp to the horrendous underworld of the new city. Mara is a fully developed character with depths and doubts. This is truly an extraordinary novel for teens or for that matter any reader who loves challenging, thought provoking science fiction.
science-fiction, teen

Bick, Ilsa J.
Egmont USA 9781606841754
This grim post-apocalyptic tale is for mature non-squeamish readers. In any other publishing era it would have been one of those adult books that teens flocked to. Today it is published as YA and adults, by the droves, will read it. Seventeen-year-old Alexandra has decided to stop the non-effective cancer treatments for the tennis-ball size tumor in her brain and take her parents' ashes to a remote shore of Lake Superior accessed by hiking for days through a wilderness area. She has just met a man, his young granddaughter, and the girl's dog when a sudden horrible noise sounds, striking them all to the ground as birds fall from the sky. The world as we know it ends. An electromagnetic pulse has wiped out all electronics as well a a majority of the population and some of the survivors have turned into ravening monsters. Readers of post-apocalyptic fiction like Susan Beth Pfeffer's Life As We Knew It trilogy, James Van Pelt's Summer of the Apocalypse, Jeff Hirsch's The Eleventh Plague, and countless others will find this compelling and unforgettable. Readers of Mira Grant's Feed will also enjoy it.
romance, science-fiction,  teen,

Bishop, Toby
Airs Beneath the Moon
Ace 9780441014620

 I would recommend this enjoyable read to those who like "school stories" like the Harry Potter series or Diana Wynne Jones' Year of the Griffin or human/animal bonding stories like Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series, Anne McCaffrey's Pern series, or Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. It features Larkyn Hamley, a humble farm girl who finds herself bonded to Tup, a fabulous flying horse. Sent off to the Academy to be trained as a horsemistress alongside other girls who were selected for the honor by virtue of their illustrious families, Lark who rescued Tup's pregnant mother is quite out of place. Tup's very existence is a mystery since the breeding of the flying horses is strictly controlled and he doesn't seem to fit in anywhere either. The kindly Duke who rules the Duchy of Oc is in a decline and his heir most definitely has something up his sleeve. I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in this series and glad that I won't have to wait since Airs and Graces and Airs of Night and Sea are already out. A great choice for middle school readers and up.
fantasy, teen,

Black, Holly, ed
Welcome to Bordertown
Random House Books for Young Readers 9780375867057

I was afraid to read Welcome to Bordertown. All too often I have jumped into a book I had eagerly anticipated and had it disappoint. I think, sometimes, because I have so looked forward to a book and have made it the best book ever in my mind, I don't appreciate the perfectly good book it is. I loved NeverNever, ElseWhere, Finder, The Essential Bordertown and all the rest in this shared world that defined urban fantasy. I am happy to say that Welcome to Bordertown did not disappoint. It was even better than I hoped. Like all anthologies it had some stories that suited me better than others but all were excellent. Even though vampires are so yesterday and I usually don't equate them with urban fantasy (I know, I'm old school here) Annette Curtis Klause, author of my favorite vampire book, The Silver Kiss contributed "Elf Blood" a story that I really liked. Other stories that stood out for me included Charles de Lint's "A Tangle of Green Men" and "The Rowan Gentleman" by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. I found something enjoyable in all the stories of people lost and found, of dreams and nightmares, of all the interesting people with stories to tell who converged on Bordertown. This was a procrastiread for me, a book I stretched out over 3 days because I couldn't bear for it to be done. diversity, fantasy, mixed-format, poetry, procrastireads,

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