Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Lady Becomes a Governess by Diane Gaston

I loved this prince and the pauper type tale. It was a delight. The story was enjoyable, the characters really grew and became real. It had perfect proportions of suspense and romance. Regency era but set far from the ton. Rebecca really comes into her own as she stops being what is expected and lurches so unexpectedly into a different role, one that she is unfamiliar with. Her innate goodness and curiosity let her make her mark on two grieving young girls. This is a romance I could recommend to my elderly and easily shocked mother as well as to my niece who is just beginning to find romance stories interesting. It is terrific for readers who love romance but prefer to imagine the intimate details on their own. We know Gaston writes splendid sensuous romances but here she shows her range by penning an appealing sweet romance. 

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