Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bound by Their Secret Passion by Diane Gaston

Lorene Summerfield lost all hope of love and children when she sacrificed herself to a loveless marriage to a crotchety old count so her siblings would be able to make decent marriages. With her two sisters and half-brother happily married, her only joy in life is spending time with them so when her elderly husband forbids her to see them on Christmas she defies him and walks to the neighboring estate, her childhood home to spend the day with them. Returning home, escorted by Dell, the Earl of Penford, who inherited the family home, they are accosted by Lorene's husband and accused of having an affair. When Lorene's husband attempts to strike Dell with his cane, Dell grabs it just as the old lord grabs his own head as in terrible pain, falls down the steps, and dies. Finally the inquest is over, the count buried, and the will read. Lorene had hoped for a modest settlement, having bargained away her dower rights in return of promises of dowries for her sisters but is astonished to realize her late husband left her quite wealthy. After a year of mourning she goes to London to sell her inherited townhouse and both her scandalous mother who had deserted her as a child and Dell come back into her life. This delightful regency era romance is the fourth book in the Scandalous Summerfields series.

Harlequin 978-0-373-29925-6

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