Friday, February 17, 2017

The School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin

Georgiana is sent off to boarding school when her latest science experiment, an attempt to make invisible ink to help in the fight against Napoleon, goes awry, burning down her father's stable. Arriving at Miss Stranje's boarding school she finds a torture chamber, which her father hopes will serve to change Georgiana's ways, and a ballroom where several young ladies are tied to chairs. She discovers hidden chambers and passages including one she falls out of and into the arms of Lord Sebastian Wyatt. With threats of assassinations, reinstatement of Napoleon as emperor, and an even bigger war, Georgie's invisible ink formula is needed for covert communications.

Smart girls, brave young men, evil spies, and the manners and mores of Regency England combine to make this a delight. It is a great read for those who love YA novels and romantic adventure
stories set in the Regency era. I loved that Baldwin included an author's note delineating where her historical fiction diverged from the actual historical record.

I read this because I picked up an arc of Refuge for Masterminds and discovered it was the third in the series. Unfortunately my box of treasures shipped home from ALA has never arrived : (    

Published by Tor Teen 2015

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