Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Cutaway by Christina Kovac

"Being good at what you do is the closest thing to freedom a woman can find."

With a Washington D.C. setting and a passionate quest for the truth, Kovac's debut novel brings David Baldacci's early books to mind. Virginia Knightly, a broadcast news producer, and real journalist, is determined to find out what happened to a  young lawyer working for one of top legal firms in the capital, who walked out of a restaurant after quarreling with her husband and disappeared. Virginia has a memory for images and knows she's seen the missing woman before. Her investigation leads her into conflict with politicians, the police, and even her own news team.

Smart, strong, well drawn women characters add an extra dimension to this page-turning thriller, looking at the greed and power of the politically connected through a feminist lens.

Find it at your book store in March. Published by Atria 9781501141690

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