Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I'll be able to post reviews of current books towards the end of January. I've read so many really good books this year and it is difficult to not talk about them as I read them. It will be exciting to share them with you soon.

Meanwhile there are lots of changes. Libraries and Colorado's Western Slope continue to face financial challenges so I am again, unemployed. Please support your local library. Libraries are the most important social construct we have. Public libraries offer access to learning, information, entertainment, connection, and so much more. They are open to everyone and anyone who wants to learn or discover can find the resources needed there.

We have left New Castle, the best small library I've ever seen, and are moving back to the edge. I'm looking forward to chronicling our simple life on the edge, sharing what living in a sustainable, off-grid house entails.

Happy holidays, which ever ones you celebrate and I hope you have a truly wonderful 2017.

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