Monday, September 1, 2014

Read in August

Here are most of the books I read in August. There were a couple that weren't on Riffle yet including the picture book Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster by Mike Wohnoutka that I like a lot.
Remember, I only finish reading books I enjoy and like enough to recommend to others so all of these are recommended. I didn't read much YA/Teen in August but The Name of the Blade played out like a very colorful anime right before my eyes, I loved the combination of fairy tale and science fiction in Stitching Snow, and was surprised by the unpredictability of The Devil's Intern. Wood Sprites, Thief's Magic, and Trace of Magic were all very well done, extremely enjoyable, fantasy novels. The time periods and settings in Seven for a Secret, the Fair Miss Fortune, and Flight of the Sparrow all were informative and skillfully drawn making each of their eras come vividly to life complete with smells and sounds.

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