Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book of the Week Wood Sprites by Wen Spencer

Wood Sprites
Wen Spencer
Baen 2014

I always find it hardest to write reviews of books I fall in love with. Wood Sprites with its wit, imagination, and humor is fully in this category.

     Just days before their ninth birthday, precocious twins, Louise and Jillian discover they are not biologically related to their parents when their blood type is revealed after they create a huge explosion when filming an episode of their underground video series set in their imagined version of Elfhome. The issue with their parentage is extremely mystifying since they’ve seen the video of their birth and they know they emerged from their mother. In this delightful romp, the twins uncover their true parentage and relationship to Tinker, become celebrities, write and produce a kick ass school play version of Peter Pan, and discover a diabolical plot that could end the accord between our world and its parallel, Elfhome. It is set in the world of Spencer’s outstanding science fantasy Elfhome series where a transdimensional gate catapults a near future Pittsburgh onto a parallel world inhabite by elves  where it stays except for one day a month.

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