Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recent Reads

I've been swamped this month but have gotten in some mmm-mmm-mmm good reading! I hate to talk about books too far in advance so just know that in September you want to read The Hawley Book of the Dead (my review will be in an upcoming issue of Booklist) and as soon as February hits, if you love fairy tales told differently, you'll want to grab Dearest. While you are waiting for it, be sure to read Enchanted and Hero, the companion books in Kontis's Woodcutter series.

Right now you can read The Wrong Girl, a page turning mystery thriller or Making Faces, a feel good tale of friends, love, and loss that folks who likes Shotgun Lovesongs will also enjoy.

Happy reading all, I'm off to decide which of the three books calling my name right now will be my next read.

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