Sunday, May 4, 2014

Read in May

I'm hoping I will be able to "sell" the very awesome Revolution by Deborah Wiles to someone at Bistro Teen Book Club on Tuesday at Delta Library. It is an extraordinary novel with lots photographs and song lyrics at the beginning of sections that really make 1965 come alive. It is complex, meaningful, and important but is going to be a stretch for many readers the ages of the protagonists and may be very disturbing to younger readers with sophisticated skills who will by horrified by the violence surrounding the Freedom Summer in 1965 Mississippi. I think teens who try it will love it but it is being marketed to grades 3-7. 

Caged Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer is for the opposite end of YA. Powerful and hard hitting, this grim and gritty story of high school sophomore who supports his family with earnings from fighting mixed martial arts cage matches pulls no punches in looking at some of the ugliness in the world. This page turner will pull in the toughest of reluctant readers.

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