Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Such a Full Sea by Chang-Rae Lee

Beautiful writing is joined with a well developed dystopian future world in which there are three distinct strata of society; charter villages for the elite, settlements where laborers produce the food and goods used by the elite, and the open counties, dangerous lawless open country where it is everyone for herself in this literary science fiction novel. Fan, a feisty heroine, is a tank diver, taking care of the perfect fish raised in B-Mor until she leaves to hunt for her lover who was taken away. Out in the open counties Fan encounters a variety of dangerous situations learns the tragic and violent pasts of those she runs into but, in the tradition of literary fiction, the story is not the strong suit. I can recommend it to folks who like literary fiction and aren't afraid of some science fiction trappings. I'ld recommend this to readers who like Haruki Murakami or Peter Heller's The Dog Stars.

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