Sunday, May 4, 2014

Book of the Week - The Axe Factor by Colin Cotterill

The Axe Factor
Cotterill, Colin
Minotaur 2014

Jimm Juree, a Thai crime journalist who has followed her family  to a small seaside village after her perhaps slightly demented mother bought a resort there finds mysteries far from the big city. This, the third novel detailing her adventures,
is the first one I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It is fully of quirky interesting characters. She is sent to do a story on a very attractive British ex-pat novelist living nearby where she is warned off by his Burmese housekeeper. He claims to divorcing his young wife but had she actually left him? After all, a man who flings axes at watermelons for research on his mysteries could be hiding something. The village’s lone doctor is also missing. Things really start heating up when a threat is attached to Jimm’s front door with a hand axe.

I will be looking for more enjoyable jaunts in this series. The setting in Thailand is intriguing and fresh and Jimm’s bread and butter job of translating signs into English exposes some hilarious mistranslations done by others. Her relationship with family members including the family dogs are also a treat.

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