Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book of the Week: Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell

Book of the Week
Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell
Touchstone/Simon and Schuster     2014

    Forty-six years old, plump, and fairly well-off, Sadie Fuller supports her eleven-year-old daughter, her daughter’s gay dad, and a housekeeper very well with her earnings from secretly writing erotica under a pen name. She had written sweet romances under her own name until her belief in happily ever after was dashed by divorce. Now, with no hopes of romance in her heart, she makes do with a weekly appointment for no strings attached sex with a lawyer she found on Craig’s List. Everything changes one day when, like the ordinary suburban mom she projects as her image, she is shopping for toilet paper in Target. She comes to the rescue of a gorgeous man who is totally out of his element and suffering from amnesia roaming around the store. Later, when she is called by the hospital as the next of kin contact for the mystery man, she uncharacteristically decides to take him home with her.

    Strange things are happening to Sadie. The night before she hadn’t made her self-set word quota but that morning there were several thousand more words in her manuscript that she hadn’t written. Now she has a strange, albeit, breathtakingly beautiful man without a past in her house. Add to that, a witch's curse and characters from her books becoming real. This witty, humorous debut novel is a delight, blending romance, contemporary life, and a just right touch of magic together in an entertaining read.

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