Friday, January 17, 2014

Book of the Week - North of Boston by Elisabeth Elo

Just finished. Darkly atmospheric, grim, compelling debut thriller. Pirio Kasparov's parents were a tough Russian immigrant and and his beautiful wife who, after a career as a model, started successful  perfume company before the onset of major mental illness. Pirio, is tough and smart and never went to college, instead working at the business she will inherit. Out lobstering with Ned, a friend, one day his boat is rammed and shattered by a ship plunging them both into the frigid North Atlantic. Against all odds and rational explanations, Pirio survives but Ned is not found. Pirio's best friend from boarding school days is the mother of Ned's young son and they are the most important people in her life. Convinced that the ramming of Ned's boat was intentional, Pirio starts an investigation that leads her to find far a deadly conspiracy. Lots of interesting interpersonal relationships and even though Pirio is not much of a sympathetic character to begin with, who she is at her core, and what she discovers about herself and her own history come to endear her.

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