Monday, October 7, 2013

Book of the Week -Stained by Cheryl Rainfield

Stained is a don't put it down, keep reading it to the end, forget what time of day or night it is thriller. Sarah is sixteen and thinks her life will be changed when she gets treatment to lighten or remove a port wine birthmark on her face. She has it all planned and then her hopes are dashed when disaster strikes her father's business. Even though she is self conscious about her birthmark and bullied because of it, she stands up to bullies who harass her best friend. Walking home in an icy rain she is rescued from bullies by Brian, an attractive young man who works for her father but refuses a ride from him. Before she gets home, he grabs her, drugs her, blindfolds her, and throws her in the trunk. Locked in an empty room is is raped, denied access to a toilet, only sometimes given bananas, peanut butter and water, and forced to behave as he wants her to while he holds hostage with threats against her family. From things he says, Sarah discovers he has held other girls before her and killed them. Meanwhile, Nick, a friend of Sarah's helps her parents with their efforts to get her back. This brutal story is one that will haunt the reader forever. While isolated and in the dark because of the leather blindfold locked to around her head, Sarah doesn't give up. She perseveres, trying to count the days by making balls of the aluminum foil peeled from the peanut butter jars. I know this will have great appeal to reluctant readers and can't wait to share it with them.

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