Thursday, October 24, 2013

Book of the Week - The Hanging Judge by Michael Ponsor

Ponsor's debut is a welcome addition to the legal thriller genre. Judge David Norcross is thrust into the spotlight when the feds decide to prosecute a death penalty case in western Massachusetts. When a drive by shooting kills not only a Puerto Rican gang member, but also a well liked nurse volunteering at a clinic, the sixteen year old driver of the shooter's car names Moon Hanson, the shooter. Moon, a former gang member, twice jailed, changed his life when he fell in love with Sandra, a middle class young woman earning her masters in library science. Their nice life with their baby girl is ripped apart when the police invade and trash their apartment in the middle of the night. An ambitious Cuban-American prosecutor and old fashioned, chain smoking defense attorney go up against each other in Norcross's courtroom to decide the high stakes fate of Moon. David, who has been widowed for several years finds himself falling for college professor Claire. Many characters, an interesting premise, and historical insights into an early 19th century capital trial in the same area, suck the reader in and keep the pages turning.

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