Monday, August 19, 2013

The Garden Intrigue by Lauren Willig

The ninth book in Willig’s delightful Pink Carnation series is set in France in 1804 and framed through the research of an American scholar in England in 2004 who has found romance while researching primary documents relating to the 19th century spy, the Pink Carnation. American- born Emma Delagardie, a young widow who attended school with Napoleon’s step-daughter Hortense is volunteered to engineer a masque as entertainment for a house party at the country home of the newly made emperor. Assisting her with the project is flamboyant poet, Augustus Whittlesby know for his sappy doggerel who has been in France for ten years secretly spying for England. Interesting and likable characters, fascinating historical insights, and light romance make this fun. Willig’s research make the setting come alive. As one who loves Georgian and Regency romances, this tale from the same era but set in France instead of England was eminently satisfying. Loved the cameo appearance of Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steam boat, a submarine for Napoleon, and in this book, at least, a machine to make a creditable storm for the stage

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