Friday, August 23, 2013

Book of the Week - Quick Fix by Linda Grimes

I really like books that combine paranormal abilities, mystery, romance, and some humor. My favorite combinations of those genres and themes appeared in Linda Lael Miller's Mojo Sheepshanks novels, Deadly Gamble and Deadly Deceptions and in Tanya Huff's Gale family series, The Enchantment Emporium and The Wild Ways. I found the same kind of combination in Linda Grimes' Quick Fix, the second novel following In a Fix that is about Ciel Halligan, an aural adapter, who can shift shape to look like someone else. It is a trait that runs in her family and the family of her mother's best friend as well as a small community of aura adaptors. Ciel uses her talent to help other people with their problems. She morphs herself into the face and form of a shy older woman who wants to be on the board of the National Zoo but is afraid to meet with the grabby guy from whom she needs a recommendation. Ceil enlists the help of her best friend Billy Doyle who will take pictures to use in blackmailing the guy to keep his hands off her client. Billy's much younger sister, age 10, goes along and touches an orangutan and suddenly starts to shift forms. She is way young to begin shifting and besides, aural adaptors can only shift into the form of other people not of animals. In a madcap rush, they steal a stroller and get Molly out of the park and back to New York where they try to hide her and figure out how to get her back into her own shape. Back in the City, Ceil finds a stabbed woman on the floor of Billy's apartment resulting in several adapters working on getting Billy out of jail. It is an entertaining romp with just the right amount of humor, romance, and mystery.


  1. Thanks for making QUICK FIX your Book of the Week! :)

  2. You're welcome, Linda. I love finding good entertaining books I can recommend to people. Thank you for writing a book that was enjoyable to read. I look forward to more great stories from you.