Sunday, June 2, 2013

SFF Brouhaha

I'm not a member of SFWA so I didn't read the article or the response to it. What I did read was Ann Aguirre's blog post. I also saw her on a panel at probably Dragon*Con, but it could have been WorldCon, or maybe even ALA and she was wonderful. Most of the authors I've met in Fandom are interesting and enjoyable to be around. Unfortunately I've also seen far too much of the misogynistic behavior she describes.

I know a thing or two about science fiction. I'm not big on fandom but I have read, and remembered, an enormous amount of SF over the years. I even wrote a book about SF (together with Bonnie Kunzel who is an SF expert), Strictly Science Fiction: A Guide to Reading Interests. In my opinion, anyone who dismisses Ann Aguire's SF as not being real science fiction is making a big mistake.

So, here is my review from back in 2008.

Aguirre, Ann
Ace 9780441015993
2008 - March

Wow! Grimspace is one of the best page-turning sf novels I’ve read in years. Sirantha Jax is one of the rare few in the known universe who has a gene that allows her as a jumper, to navigate grimspace, the parallel place in space that allows faster than light travel. All navigators work for the Farwan Corporation but they usually burn out quickly. In order to fly the ships a navigator must team up with a pilot because to travel from one point to another, the navigator must see and the pilot must do. It is the only way travel through grimspace can occur. Jax is in a Corp. facility following a horrendous crash that killed everyone on board including Kai, who was her pilot, her lover, and her entire world. Now that her physical injuries have been taken care of the Corp. keeps sending in a sadistic shrink because Jax can’t remember anything around the deadly accident. She is sprung from the facility by March, an independent pilot with a small crew who takes her to a hostile planet. She nearly causes the annihilation of her rescuers and two conflicting groups dirtside on the planet that seems like something out of the old west but with flying dinosaur-like predators to boot. This is only the beginning of a grand universe spanning adventure as Jax tries to find out what happened in her crash as she becomes part of a mission to create a new academy to find or create navigators apart from the Corp. Fast paced action, believable romance, terrific well developed characters, creative world building all in a package that will appeal greatly to fans of the TV series Firefly because of the camaraderie, ethics, and strength of the characters.  I would expect this first novel to be nominated for a Campbell award and am thrilled that
the sequel already has a publication date later this year. --Diana Tixier Herald

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