Monday, June 17, 2013

Book of the Week - Solstice by P.J. Hoover

Hoover, P.J.
Tor Teen

Not too far into the future, global warming has accelerated, the coastal cities are gone, air conditioning is strictly limited, and students deal with heat drills and emergencies. The city of Austin mists everything with a yucky green gel when temperatures get too high even though one in ten people are allergic to the substance. The city has also been building domes for when heat bubbles threaten the city. Piper, a high school senior, lives with her mother outside the domes in a greenhouse complex where they raise all kinds of plants. The environment has become so bad that cut flowers are illegal. For her 18th birthday, Piper's best friend Chloe takes her to get a tattoo. Chloe has dreamed the tattoo and it turns out to be Greek letters spelling out sacrifice. Shayne a new guy at school goes for Piper right away even though Piper's overprotective mom has kept her our of the dating scene. Then, another new guy shows up, Reese who claims his father knows her mother. Suddenly she has two very hot guys vying for her. When her mother goes away for a weekend, Piper goes on her first date and discovers there is much more to these two new boys in her life than meets the eye.

What could be better than a dystopian future combined with Greek mythology?

This enticing combination of an all too scary near future and classical mythology is impossible to put down.

fantasy, romance, science-fiction, speculative-fiction, teen

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