Monday, May 20, 2013

eBooks and Libraries and Open Road

Just ran across digital review copies published by Open Road so I went looking for info about them because I had completely missed mention of them in the past. Here is what I found at NPR. Turns out they are doing something that, as a reader, is important to me. They are publishing electronic editions (on several different platforms) of books, many of them 20th century classics, that were originally published before ebooks were written into contracts. This is bringing thousands of terrific books back into print. Looks like they were concentrating on the "big authors" to begin with. The book I downloaded to read in the Bluefire app on my iPhone is Sarah Zettel's 1997 novel,  Fool's War.

I would really like to see all the wonderful genre midlist books, the great books that weren't bestsellers but had strong followings, back in libraries. I would love to see all the out of print books by members of  SFWA, Sisters in Crime, HWA, MWA, RWA, and the other genre writers' organizations, available in ebook format for library users. As a reader, it is frustrating to find a terrific book in a series and then be unable to find other in the series. Orania Papazoglou's smart Patience MacKenna series illustrates this for me, checking WorldCat Sweet, Savage Death is not in any Colorado Libraries but three libraries (all more than 200 miles away from where I live) have Once and Alway Murder. Unfortunately it was the last one published in the series so isn't going to find many readers who would be willing to not start at the beginning.

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