Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book of the Week -- Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis

Stan Markowski, a hard boiled police detective in the Supe (as in supernatural) Squad of the Scranton, PA police department, is introduced in this totally satisfying series debut. A comment he makes ends up resulting the in the death of his partner when they respond to a call involving goblins, meth, and a hostage in a liquor store. Next he is partnered with Karl Renfer, a young cop under a cloud because of a situations involving zombies. Karl does come through when Stan is almost devoured by a demon that starts a case involving vampires, wizards, vampire wizards, and a series of ritual murders that look to be sacrifices in a dark magic spell that could change the world forever.

The fast pace, satisfying mystery, and characters who become real makes this a welcome addition to the genreblend of paranormal and mystery. Very gritty with a sense of humor.

Readers who like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and Mark Del Franco's Connor Grey series will enjoy this and look forward to seeing what trouble Stan and Karl find next.

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