Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book of the Week The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey
Putnam 2013

This apocalyptic young adult science fiction novel is a page turner. A little bit Terminator, a little bit The Host, a little bit Ashfall and little bits of about five other well liked books. This is not to say it is derivative, it has enough familiarity to strike an instant connection but with unique twists and turns. Yancey has plucked many universal fears and plunked his characters in this world gone wrong due to an alien invasion.

The 1st wave was an electromagnetic pulse that dropped planes from the sky as well as stopping everything that uses electricity. No lights, no computers, no power or transportation grid. Lots of death. But that is not enough for these aliens who have not yet been seen. The 2nd wave is flooding. You know those stories about California falling into the ocean, it's worse. The 3rd wave,     pestilence, comes as a a hemorrhagic fever. Followed by the 4th wave that pits survivors against shooters. What is the 5th wave?

Skillfully told mostly from the view points of Cassie and Zombie, the horrors of the 5th wave erupt across the pages like the pops of assault weapon fire.

If you were looking for the next big thing after Hunger Games, this is it. Published as young adult, it will also be a big hit with adults.

     Speculative Fiction - Science Fiction - Aliens - Thriller - Teen

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