Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Trend in YA Lit?

     It is so strange the way things seem to crop up in clumps. Yesterday I finished reading the ARC of Cassandra's Turn by Patrick Jones and the Elsinore Quills and went to bed thinking about the collaboration between the author, his teen co-authors, and several other cool people (including Spring Lea Henry! Cathi Dunn Macrae! David Boop! Melissa Powell! Victoria Hanley! and more) who worked together with them to create this book. They are all cited responsibly (another 21st century skill). First thing when I checked Facebook this morning, I saw a link to an article about David Levithan's forthcoming Two Boys Kissing that talks about him working with his teen readers on creating a cover image that really works for the book and how he got the concept for the book from a comment from a fan.

     Talk about those "21st century standards" for education keeps being bandied about. Unfortunately in my area, schools are gutting libraries which are the laboratories and learning environments for those very standards. I know this is not an isolated situation but one going on across the country as schools are required to test rather than to teach.

     The really bright side about these two books is that readers and writers are finding ways to collaborate and make something grander using this synergy.


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