Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book of the Week - Surprising Lord Jack By Sally MacKenzie

Now that I'm no longer on the Best Fiction For Young Adults committee, I'm free to read whatever catches my fancy. Sally MacKenzie is a new to me author and I was delighted to find her and the blend of romance, regency era setting, and murder mystery she presents in Surprising Lord Jack. Frances, a twenty-four year old spinster is on the run from her aunt who wanted to marry her off to a man she had no interest in. Deciding to go to London where her twin brother lives, she plans on securing the money set aside for her dowery from the family's man of business and buying a little cottage where she can remain unmarried. Disguised as a boy, she ends up sharing a bed with Lord Jack, then is taken under his wing to travel the rest of the way to London. Jack, a notorious rake, will not let a young boy wander around London by himself. They find an infant abandoned in an alley guarded by a talented little dog and Jack, who secretly has a home for foundlings as well as a home for women who want to get off the streets insists Frances stay with him as he takes the baby to safety and checks up on a few things. When he discovers his traveling companion is really a woman, Jack takes her to his town house and immediately sends for his mother who is called the Duchess of Love and the fun begins.

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