Sunday, February 3, 2013

Books by Color

Today on Facebook Sharyn November posted a photo of a book display captioned "I don't remember the title, but the cover was blue..." Of course it make me think of how many times I've encountered that question both in libraries and bookstores which made me think of the books involved which led me to thinking about Michael Malone. I realized I hadn't read any of his books in a couple of decades. How did I miss them? He was one of my very favorite go to authors in the 1980s. One of his books that I recommended to a little old lady had me gasping for air and ready for the "my face was red" award. The library patron, a very prim and proper little old lady with a belt that matched her shoes, handbag, and hat came in and thanked me for recommending a book for her. She loved it so much she wanted the title so she could order copies of it as gifts for her friend. I live to connect people with the books they love and at that time in history I could still pretty much remember everything I ever read (not that I hadn't read much, just that I had a weird paranormal talent of reading 300-500 books a year and being able to cite the titles and authors.)

I figured the question would be easy. "Tell me about the book" I asked. "I don't remember exactly which books we've talked about."

When she said "the cover is red" I started scrolling through books with red covers in my head but I didn't recall booktalking any specific ones in the recent past.

"Please tell me a little more. What do you remember about the book?'

With a refined Southern drawl she said "It's the one where the woman gets her teeth caught in the man's zipper."

Totally flummoxed I stuttered and gasped. What book had I given her? I couldn't imagine. Fortunately we were walking around in the stacks and as I tried to collect myself she found it on the shelf. It was Handling Sin by Michael Malone.

It's amazing how one glimpse of a photo of a display of blue books could elicit the emotions I felt around a long ago red book.

What weird things have made you remember beloved books long forgotten?

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  1. Love this post. I'm an image person. Easier to remember the cover than the name...