Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book of the Week - Boy21 by Matthew Quick

Finley and Erin are couple of the few white teens who live in gritty, trash and drug infested Belmont. They have know each other almost all their lives and both are fanatic about basketball seeing it as a way to get out of the neighborhood. Finley, a varsity starter really doesn't much talk to anyone besides Erin, his Dad, and the legless grandfather he calls Pop. Even though they are a minority at their inner-city high school nobody messes with them because of who Erin's brother is. Everything begins to change for them when Coach asks Finley to be a friend (and almost content companion) to Russ, who is a basketball phenom who has moved from California following his parent's murders and has constructed an alternate reality for himself. Russ, who claims to be an extraterrestrial named Boy21, is as quiet as Finley. 

What I loved about this book is that the three main characters are all genuine good hearted people with flaws and secrets, just trying to live their lives even though bad things happen. Thinking about this book makes me realize I really do read from the gut. I connected with these characters and felt for them. This book creates an emotional connection for me.

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