Saturday, July 7, 2012

Book of the Week - A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

In a far distant future an enormous empire controls countless worlds inhabited by the descendants of Earth. It is ruled by an emperor and overseen by ten million Princes. A Princes has “vast power and seemingly limitless authority” but may never know his or her parents. Imperial Prince Khemri spent the first ten years of his life in a vat of Bitek gloop where he was bioengineered and educated via downloads. The next six years he was educated by priests and finally on the sixteenth anniversary of being selected as a Prince Candidate he was assigned an assassin priest and discovered the possibility of dying was much higher than that of safely linking with the Imperial Mind. From that point on his life is filled with danger. 
This fast paced coming of age adventure pits Khemri against other Princes, powerful families, academy politics, and alien dangers, throwing him into situations that require a rare combination of skill, intelligence, heart, courage, and intuition to survive as he discovers what being a Prince really means and who he really is. 
This is outstanding space opera. Not to be missed. The world building is superb with the combination of bitek (biological technology), psitek (psionic technology), mektek (mechanical technology), and multiple deaths with rebirths. The space battles are cinematically real.

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