Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book of the Week -- Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross


This entrancing contemporary take on fairy tales reminds me of Bill Willingham’s graphic novel Fables series with the grittiness of the original tales preserved and with vividly evoked images that bring the Disney versions to mind. When orphaned Mira, who had been raised by her two godmothers, runs away from home seeking the graves of her parents who died in a fire at her christening, she meets brothers Felix and Blue who live in a casino resort in the city. Blue is antagonistic from the get go but Felix, who is the 20 something manager of the casino and too old for her, provides her with a room and a pass key as long as she promises to never go to room 3031. She meets an assortment of local teens who are all modern archetypes of fairy tale characters and discovers that something momentous is approaching along with her sixteenth birthday. Palpable suspense, endearing characters, and sly wit combine in a delightful confection that may get readers interested in reading other takes on fairy tales both familiar and more obscure. “Donkeyskin” is mentioned and readers may want to explore Robin McKinley’s Deerskin and discover some of her other fairy tale inspired novels

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