Saturday, May 19, 2012

Baby Shark - An Old Favorite for Free

Baby Shark by Robert Fate was one of my favorite books of 2006 so I was glad to hear from the author that it was being offered for FREE on Kindle ( a few days. I went back to my old review at

Please let me know if you read it and what you think.
Crime/ Noir/ Mystery/ Historical/ 1950s
Baby Shark
Fate, Robert 

Capital Crime Press0977627691 2006
Kristin Van Dijk was only seventeen on the west Texas October night in 1952 when an outlaw biker gang overran Henry’s pool room killing her father and Henry’s son, beating and gang raping her, and burning the place to the ground. Henry, a Chinese immigrant, and Kristin survive. When they are healed from the beatings they wonder why the police don’t seem to be concerned with chasing down the murderers. The insurance company has paid the claim as an accidental fire. Henry and Kristin start training to survive, knowing that they won’t be safe as long as the four bikers are on the loose and that there is a mystery behind why they targeted Kristin’s father, a pool shark. Kristin takes up her father’s trade and acquires the nickname Baby Shark. This first novel is Texas noir at its best. Readers will be eagerly awaiting Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues.

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